2019 is setting a different trend in the Car Wash Equipment Price. The equipment are no longer an equipment which are used for washing cars but a piece of attraction which is used to attract customers to the Car Wash Business.

Regular Car Wash Equipment which were prevalent even an year ago do not do the job which is required by today's competitive car wash market. When we say competition, it is not just with the other car wash businesses, but all the other options where a person may spend his income. A hand wash on Sunday is sufficient to satisfy a persons requirements for a clean car.

KKE understands the market requirements and has its 2019 models ready with attractive designs and LED lights. Contact Us to know more about KKE models.

The prices of Car Wash Equipment depend upon various factors, however, the prices range from 8.0 - 50 lacs depending upon the type of machine selected.

The above selection is based on the number of cars at your location along with the type of washing. Our Industry Expert shall help you select the right equipment for your requirement. Please use the Contact Us Button to contact us so that we can discuss the business options in your area.

As a respect towards mother nature, we request all our customers to Install water recycling equipment.  Water recycling systems save about 75 - 80 % of water used.

Cities like Coimbatore, Kolkatta, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Nagpur, Pune, Indore have been found very active in planning Car Wash Equipment Business in 2019.


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