Diesel Steam Cleaners

Portable Diesel fired steam cleaners for portable applications and mobile car wash.

Electric Steam Cleaners

Steam Wash Machine for confined and closed spaces.

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Steam Car Washer - Diesel or Electric?

One of the questions we always get to hear are, which one of the two types should I opt for. Well, the answer depends upon the usage.

If you plan to use the Steam Car Wash Machine indoors with little or no ventilation, you need to go for Electric.

If you plan to operate a Mobile Car Wash Service, Diesel is the right option. 

Places where getting 3 Phase Electricity is a problem and you have a good number of cars to clean, Diesel is the only option you have got.



Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Reduces Water Consumption

Water required is almost 100% lesser than conventional car wash.

Reduces Chemical Usage

Steam substantialy increases the cleaning of the cleaning products used - hence reduces consumption.


The same Steam Car Wash Machine can be used to disinfect with high temperature.

Quick Drying

Steam cleaned interiors dry up much faster than traditional cleaning methods.

Environment Friendly

Since very less water is used, the water and chemicals do not damage the environment.

Eliminates Run Off

There is practically no waste water run off which is a very important for mobile Car Wash

Understanding Steam Pressure

In steam cleaning of cars, steam is used for losening the the dirt with help of Temperature and Pressure. Incase of Steam, the pressure of the steam increases with increase in temperature.

Steam is generally usable for cleaning from 5 bar to 10 bar pressure.

Steam Cleaner Temperature v/s pressure

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Steam is known to be a Cleaning agent and has been used for disinfection for ages.

Car Detailing Centers

Car Detailing Centers

Clean your cars without making a dedicated wash bay. Easily Clean Exterior and Interiors with the power of steam

Auto Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

High Power Steam helps to clean your customer cars. 2 steam outputs allow 2 people to work at the same time.

Mobile Car Wash

Mobile Car Wash Centers

Easily mount DR150 to your mobile van and provide services at doorstep without a single drop on the floor. Can also work on Battery.

Car Wash Centers

Auto Dealerships

Provide premium Steam Wash services and stand out from your competition.