18m Conveyor to wash approximately 30 - 60 cars per hour. This is a suggestive configuration. You can configure KKE Gamma Conveyor Car Wash Equipment as per your specific requirements. You can add or remove systems to cater to your local requirements.

Any requirement of approximately 30 cars per hour or more during the peak hours should consider a conveyorised car wash option. The KKE Gamma series has a robust conveyor and is hot dip galvanised for long life.

A typical 18 m configuration consists of the following :

Gamma Conveyor 50 – 60 cars per hour ( 19 m )

  • KKE101788 : Correlator
  • KKE101786 : Gamma Driving Unit 18m Conveyor
  • KKE101784 : Gamma Intermediate Units x 4
  • KKE101785 : Gamma Driven Unit
  • KKE101782 : Gamma Exit Side Collision Protection System
  • KKE101809 : Gamma Dual (Water + Foam) Spray Arch
  • KKE101769 : Gamma Skirt Brushes PE Bristles
  • KKE101770 : Gamma Vertical Wrap Around Brushes PE Bristles x 2
  • KKE101779 : Gamma Top Roof Brush PE Bristles
  • KKE101814 : Gamma Rain Water Rinse Arch
  • KKE101775 : Gamma Silicon Wax Spray Arch
  • KKE101776 : Triple Foam Shine Wax Arch
  • KKE101774 : Gamma 30 hp Blower Arch
  • KKE101781 : Gamma Control System
  • KKE102571 : Display Panel x 4
  • KKE102380 : Tire Brush


The conveyor length is 18m and the corellator length is 1 m which makes the equipment length 19 m.

KKE102573 : Under Chassis Wash 10 hp can be added if felt necessary.

The conveyor equipment is easy to operate and easy maintain.



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