Key Features

  • Extra Wide ↔ Washable Width
  • Attractive Facia with LED Lights
  • Pneumatic Titling Brushes
  • Positive Drive for Vertical Brushes
  • Inline Gearbox Technology for almost No maintenance
  • Precision Brush Control with Power and Current Monitoring



KKE X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Equipment comes with a host of exciting features. The car wash equipment is state of the art equipment with advanced control system which continuously calculating giving it an Artificial Intelligence to exceute various functions and make its own decision based on the car shape and size.

All the three brushes sense the car independently. The machine adjusts the angle of brushes based on the car profile. The brushes do the front and rear overlapping, attarctive LED lights.... So many such important features. 

X1.1 Car Wash Equipment Machine

  • Car Wash Centers
  • Car Factories
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Mall / Shopping Area / Airport Parking Lots
  • Fleeting Management and Services
  • Office Parking Lots
  • Residential Complexes
  • Automobile Stockyards



Technical Data


Washable Dimensions
Length 5.8 m
Width 2.1 m
Height 2.3 m
Recommended Bay Dimensions
Length 11 m
Width 5 m
Height 4 m
Standard Bay Dimensions
Length 10.5 m
Width 4.2 m
Height 3.4 m
General Details
Rail Length 10 m
Rail Spacing 2.855 m
Weight 1200-2000 kg
Electricity Supply
No. of Phases 3, 3
Voltage 415 V, 208 V
Frequency 50 Hz, 60 Hz
Connected Load 2.24 hp
Water Supply
Volume 60 lpm
Pressure 2-3 bar
Air Supply
Pressure 6-8 bar
Standard Wash Cycles
Low Pressure Prewash Yes
Foaming Soap Spray Yes
Vertical Brush Systems with Pneumatic Tilting Yes
Vetical Brush Pressure Sensing Power Monitoring System
Horizontal Brush Pressure Sensing Power Monitoring System
Brush Material Soft Foam
Pickup Vehicle Program Optional
Wheel Blaster Optional
Wheel Brush Optional
High Pressure in Wheel Brush Optional
Sealer Wax Optional
Drying Agent Spray Optional
Contour Following Blower 16hp Optional
Technical Data
Control Panel Onboard
Energy System Addons : Stanchion / Energy Chain
Vehicle Positioning System Yes
PLC Mitsubishi
LED Lights Yes
Switch Gear MPCB
Sensors Pepperal Fuchs, Telco, Omron
Equipment Control Program Switches
No. of Wash Programs 4





Frequently Asked Questions

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