KKE Wash Systems has the largest number of Car Wash Equipment installed in Kerala, India. This is attributed to the forward-thinking mentality of people of Kerala, especially due the Middle East influence while being educated and knowledgable.

Automatic Car Wash Equipment are not new for Kerala. KKEs first Automatic Car Wash Equipment in Kerala was installed way back in the year 2005 in Mundupalam Junction in Thrissur City in Kerala. Since then Car Wash Equipment in Kerala have come up very fast. 

Earlier people preferred Trolley type Car Wash Machines in Kerala, however we find people shifting slowly towards Conveyorised systems which wash about 25 - 30 cars per hour. Conveyor Car Wash machines are best suited for places where large number of cars are expected.

In 2020, Car Wash Business is being renewed in Kerala, Car Owners in Kerala are done with standard car wash machines, they require something new. As you know KKE always is in a process of innovation to make Car Wash more than just washing equipment but an experience for the Car Owner. This is how customers keep coming back to your car wash business in Kerala.

X1.1 Car Wash Equipment Machine

Features like Lava Foam, Attractive LED lights, Voice Commands etc attract Car Owners and their kids.

For more such Car Wash Business Ideas and Car Wash Project planning, please click the button to contact us. Our Malayalam speaking  Sales team would be happy to assist you.

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