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Automatic Car Wash Machines are not new in but, the new Automatic Carwash machines have many new features which the older version of Automatic Carwash machines did not have. The new automatic carwash machines have various new features like :

  • High-Pressure Washing
  • Softfoam Brush Washing
  • Foam Brush Washing
  • High Pressure and Softfoam Combination Washing

It is always better to wash a car in an Automatic Car Wash machine as the water being used is recycled and reused. The various services you can get in an Automatic Car Wash Machine are :

  • Prewash
  • Soap Cleaning
  • Foam Spray
  • Brush Washing
  • Wheel rim cleaning (Wheel Wash)
  • Tyre Cleaning
  • Bug Removing
  • Waxing
  • Blow Drying
  • Under Chassis Wash

All these services take not more than 10 minutes once the car is in the washing bay.

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Automatic Carwash Machine Types

Automatic Carwash Machines based on the type of construction are primarily of three types available in the markets, however, the first 2 are more common :

  • Trolley Carwash Systems
  • Conveyor Carwash Systems
  • Fleet Wash - Drive through Carwash systems

Trolley Automatic Carwash Systems

Trolley systems or Gantry Carwash systems or Inbay Automatics are systems that run on rails. The trolley has all the washing equipment it needs. The car is placed inside the wash bay. This is often guided by the machine. Once the car is placed, the carwash machine starts various car cleaning operations like shampoo, brushing, waxing, drying etc.

X2 - Automatic Car Wash Machine

X2 is an Advanced Automatic Car Wash Machine with many advanced features in built into it. The system comes with 3 brushes with individual Brush Pressure Sensing. With the two Wheel Brushes fitted already, the system becomes a 5 Brush system. The Front Facia with LEDs helps in attracting the customers. The System can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Sealer Wax, Triple foam wax, Bug Spray, Mirror Spray System etc.

Type : Brush System

X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine

X1.1 is a first in the X Series Automatic Car Wash Machines. This is a Friction type system and comes with 3 Brushes, each sening the car individually. X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine has very attractive looks and helps customers come to your car wash time and again. X1.1 is payment Gateway ready and can be integrated directly. The system can be upgraded with Lava Foam, Wheel Wash System, Triple foam Wax, Contour Following Blowers etc.

Type : Brush System

The Wave - Touchless Car Wash

High Pressure Touchless Inbay Automatic System. It comes with onboard Advanced PLC system with multi-speed VFD for changing the Trolley speed as per the need of the Wash Cycle. The Equipment uses Ultrasound Sensors to sensor the vehicle parameters which are saved in the Controller Memory for precise movement of the equipment.

The Equipment has rotojet nozzles which spray 0 degree water jets for better cleaning.

SpeedoClean : Automatic Car Wash Machine

SpeedoClean is the latest Entry Level segment Automatic Car Wash Machine. The Car Wash Machine comes with 3 Brushes with Power sensing Roof Brush and Two Vertical Brushes. The basic systems comes with Prewash, Rinse, Soap and Brushing Cycles. The system comes with 3 Wash Programs which enables you to set different pricing levels based on the wash program.

Type : Brush System


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Conveyor Automatic Carwash Systems

For places that require a high output in terms of the number of cars per hour, Conveyor / Tunnel Carwash is the machine for it. These systems have a conveyor below the floor which push or pull the car through the various stations on the carwash machine. There are Automatic Car Wash Machines like KKE Gamma which can wash cars up to 120 cars/hour depending upon the length of the conveyor and the number of arches selected.

KKE Gamma 12 m

This is the smallest conveyor machine and it is the most selected model to replace a Trolley Car Wash Machine. This machine fits in 13m which is somewhat close to a trolley machine. Foam Soap Spray, Skirt Brushes, Wrap Around Brushes, Tire Brush, Sealer Wax, Tire Brushes, Blowers, this machine has it all and also has the freedom to change the machine configuration.

KKE Gamma 18 m

18m Conveyor is an ideal length for most locations. It can wash approximately 50 - 60 cars per hour. An 18m conveyor is suitable for most locations as you can get plots that can accommodate equipment of this length along with turning radius and space for line up. 4 swing arm brushes provide very good cleaning along with the skirt brushes.

KKE Gamma 30 m

30m Conveyor to give high throughput 100 cars per hour. The speed of the conveyor can be increased to increase the number of cars washed during rush hour. The Wash Arches are configurable and you can change the car wash equipment configuration to suit your local requirements and customer expectations.


Fleet Carwash Systems

These carwash systems are an extension of Conveyor car washes where the number of cars is very high. Especially in car dealerships, where professional drivers are available, instead of driving the car to the conveyor and then waiting on the other side of the conveyor to collect the car, the drivers can slowly drive through the car wash machine. The arches activate automatically depending upon the presence of the car.




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