KKE is a company with Global operations and manufactures Automatic Car Wash Equipment in India Qatar Deutschland. The Automatic Car wash equipment range depends upon two factors :

  1. Washing Technology
  2. Type of Equipment Construction

Bifurcations based on Washing Technology used of Automatic Car Wash Equipment India Qatar Deutschland :

  1. Brush Wash Car Wash Systems India Qatar Deutschland : Brush Wash Car Wash equipment use less water and brushes to clean the dirt from the car. The brushes are� generally of three types Poly Ethylene, Softfoam or Cloth. The first two are more preferred as they do not absorb water which means that dirty water does not enter the cleaning material and it gets washed off before the bristles touch car after each rotation.
  2. High Pressure Car Wash Systems India Qatar Deutschland : High Pressure Car Wash Equipment are often called Touchless Car Wash Equipment or Touch Free Car Wash Equipment. Such systems are mostly used for areas where the atmosphere is dusty. For places where the dirt is sticky, high pressure car wash consumes more water than brush systems. For India Qatar Deutschlandn conditions Brush wash car wash equipment is more suitable than high pressure car wash equipment.
  3. Combination Car Wash Equipment India Qatar Deutschland : This is the new trend in the vehicle wash industry to have both high pressure and brush car wash cleaning equipment to combine the advantages of both type of car wash equipment. Car Wash Operators can give option to the car wash customers for selecting a Touch less or a Friction car Wash.


Bifurcation based on the type of construction of the Automatic Car Wash Equipment India Qatar Deutschland :

  1. Trolley / gantry Type Car Wash Equipment : In trolley type car wash equipment which is also called as inbay car wash equipment , the car is driven inside the bay and the equipment trolley then travels over the car� carrying out various car wash cycles like prewash, soap spray etc. This car wash equipment technology is suitable for washing cars upto maximum 10 -14 cars per hour depending upon the cycles configured in the car wash equipment.

  2. Conveyor Type Car Wash Equipment : Conveyorised car wash equipment are as the name suggests conveyorised systems where the car is driven only till the entrance of the car wash equipment, the equipment conveyor then pulls the cars in. As the car travels through the car wash equipment the equipment performs various functions. Conveyorised system can wash vehicles upto 120 cars per hour.

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