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High pressure cleaners are mandatory for any cleaning activity, be it prep wash before Automatic car wash or Manual Car Wash or Industrial washing or Mining Washing.

The pressure and the discharge of a high pressure cleaner play a major role to decide how effective the cleaning would be. The pressure of the high pressure cleaner decides the how hard would would the water be hitting the part to be cleaned and the flow determines how much water would be hitting the part with that speed.

Generally, the impact while choosing between high pressure cleaners can be judged by multiplying the pressure and discharge.

For example , a pump with 200 bar and 21 lpm , the calculation would be as below : 

200 x 21 = 4200

, for 275 bar and 18 lpm

275 x 18 = 4950

and for 100 bar 11 lpm

100 x 11 = 1100

For the above calculation of High Pressure Cleaner, you can see that 275 bar , 18 lpm is the most powerful.

For most applications though 200 bar 21 lpm should suffice. The one with inbuilt heater reduces the washing time by almost half as the hot water cleans much faster than cold water.

KKE Power 200 bar 21 lpm is a very power high pressure cleaner and is an Industrial Duty pump.



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