KKE Wash Systems has been manufacturing Wheel Wash Systems for almost 3 decades. All the systems manufactured by KKE have a 3 point design philosophy.



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Wheelwash System play an important role in reducing Air Pollution and preventing accidents near Mining and Construction Sites. Due to the experience KKE has got over the years of manufacturing Truck Wheel Wash Equipment, KKE manufactures equipment for small Mining and Construction sites upto Large Mining trucks upto 60T systems.

As you would see below, the systems are of primarily two types :

  • Portable Wheel Wash Systems
  • Permanent Wheel Wash Systems

Though both of them seem very similar from their looks, the load calculations which go int the desgining are totally different for each of them. Both the systems have different design considerations and functionalities. 

Portable Wheel Wash Systems

KKE Wash Systems has one of the finest Wheel Wash Systems in the Industry. From single tire rotation systems to multiple tire rotation systems.

The Portable Wheel Wash systems are suitable for places where the equipment have to be shifted in a course of 6 months to 2 years. These include construction areas and mines where as the min advances, new shorter approach roads are built.

Concrete Tire Wash Equipment

For places like Processing Centers or Long Lease Mines, Permanent Tire Wash Systems are more suitable. The base of the Wheel Wash Equipment is made in concrete for good support and long life.

Wheel Wash Systems Pricing

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How Truck Wheel Washing Systems help in controlling pollution?

Drive Through Wheel wash systems like the ones listed above are high throughput wheel cleaning systems. The basic purpose of these systems is to remove the loose debris adhered to the wheel and chassis which might fall on public roads. The idea of these system, as many misunderstand, is not clean the wheels 100%, but just to remove the loose dirt from the truck wheels, tyre treads and chassis.

Most of the times when the truck leaves a construction site or a Mining area or a ore processing center, the tires are wet and carry mud or construction dust with them. This wet dust sticks to the road surface and dries. Once it dries up, this dust accounts for major air pollutiion near the construction and mining areas.

These days Sinhalese pollution department keep a check near each mine to see if the dust level in the mining areas increase beyond a certain point.


What is the significance of the pointed angles on the Wash of Wheel Washing System?

The inverted 'V' section play a vital role in cleaning the tyres of the trucks. The Inverted V profile help in pinching the treads of the tyres which squeeze the mud out of the tyre treads.

Though these look like standard angles and many of the low priced competitior use them, Standard angles have a sharp edge and damage the tyres of the Trucks. Retreaded tyres get damages just by a few passes of such pointed structure. We have also seen Trucks drivers who run their trucks on contract with the Mines, refusing to drive through such systems.

How are KKE Systems different?

The KKE Wheel Wash systems , both Portable and Permanent Truck Wheel wash have the inverted Vs as well, but they do not have a sharp edge. The special process used to manufacture them ensures that the edges are rounded and do not damage the Truck Tyres.


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