In the last 10 years, the population of cars has increased manyfold. In today's context, most cars are driven by the owners themselves and would any day prefer to have a quick car wash, rather than leaving the car the whole day at a service station.

The Car Wash industry has grown from simple hand wash to sophisticated high-impact pressure jet wash technology. Owning and running a car wash these days, is not just a mere business but, it is one of the most lucrative and respected businesses.

When starting a car wash business you may like to consider all the key points which may affect your business today as well as, in future.

The key points for setting up a car wash business are:-

1. Survey and Data Collection

Conduct surveys and collect data about different localities regarding Car population

  • Living Standards (Per capita Income) of people living around if situated in or around a residential area.

  • An average number of cars passing by, if situated on a busy road.

2. Area / Locality Selection

When you are finished with the survey and data collection, select an area, where you would like to start the business. ( Also take into account the car population in the near future) .

Ask the Municipal corporation of your city, if they are planning to start some project which may affect the car population in your business locality in near future ( Building of flyover, Bypass, etc.)


Once the locality is selected, look for 2 - 3 lands, where Car Wash may be started.
Evaluate each piece of land according to the following ideal criterion


3. Land Selection

- Shape and space
  • Rectangular
  • Enough space for Customer Car parking and any future
    projects if desired.
- Frontage
  • No physical obstructions like electric or telephone poles, guy wires, etc.
  • Easy turning of car into the land, which out much guiding hassles
- Topography
  • Leveled and even ( if uneven, can be excavated)
  • Connecting street must be flat at least 100 feet in each direction. ( If street in not flat, post big sign boards so your car wash is visible from distance. Motorists can plan well in advance about having a car wash )
- Street Characteristics
  • Busy Street
  • Turning, corner plot
  • No Exit restrictions ( One Way etc.)
  • The site on the side by which the majority of the drivers pass on their way home.
  • Near a traffic signal
  • Near a Shopping Mall, Cinema Theatre, Gas Station, Car
    Service Station, Public Place, etc.

4. Car Wash Bay Plan

Before starting construction job you may like to consider the plan below which is has been used the world over successfully. If you have any other idea, we are there to assist you.

This may not be the only plan, if you consider trying different plan, make sure you take into account your future business.


5. Post Installation Planning

We appreciate your marketing skills, but you may consider referring to following data which we have experienced till now.

  • When your car wash system is up and ready, give news in the City Updates in regarding the latest technology you have invested on.
  • Advertise in the most read newspaper for almost a week continuously or on alternate days, with preferably large advertisement size. Small size advertisements are not that effective.


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