KKE Wash Systems is one of the global leaders for Truck Wash System with special expertise in Truck and Bus Wash Machines.

The fleet of your company depicts the overall management and brand image of your company. You need to have your vehicles clean. While there are many ways to achieve it, the best way is to have an in-house Automatic Bus/Truck Wash Equipment so that the vehicles get cleaned reglarly. There would be no wait lines and the vehicles can get cleaned whenever you find a slightest of dust on them.

KKE Wash Systems has an entire range of truck wash equipment from which you can select the equipment which best matches the size of your fleet. We have equipment for all the types of vehicles :

  • Semi Trucks / Tractor Trailers
  • School Buses
  • Intercity Buses
  • City Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Delivery Vans

Infact, the very first machine manufactured by KKE was a bus wash machine which is now called KKE 403 after almost 29 years .


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You can see the equipment options on this page or straight away head to the Contact Form so that we can do the Truck Wash Equipment sizing and Selection for your requirements.

Trolley Systems

Are you looking for a perfect solution to clean your fleet of Trucks and Buses? Well, you have reached the right place. KKE has multiple options for your fleet cleaning requirement. Having a Clean fleet not only impacts your brand image but also improves the life of your fleet. Choose from Friction, Touchless and Combination systems suitable for Semi Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Buses, Ambulances, RVs, Motor Homes.

Drive Through Truck Wash Systems

Are you looking for faster option in Truck / Bus / Fleet washing. KKE 501 is the right option for you.

Drive through systems are stationary systems which are fixed on the floor of the Truck / Bus wash bay. The Bus / truck is driven slowly inside the bay. The equipment senses the presence of the vehicle and the arches start one by one as the vehicle approaches the arch.




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Brush or Touchless - Commercial Truck Wash Equipment ?

Brush or Friction type of Automatic Truck wash systems are suitable for Trucks with Flat Surfaces. This would generally means trucks with flat surfaces. The brushes clean the most economically in terms of water and wash chemicals. To put in simple words, the brushes clean only the places where they touch.

If you Trucks have irregular shapes, a Touchless Truck Wash Systems like KKE 503 - Hgh Pressure Automatic Truck Wash System shall be more suitable. Trucks with irregular surfaces like water , oil or milk tankers, Cement Mixer Trucks.

Tanker Brushes

If you know that you would have enough tankers for washing, you can also opt for Tanker Profiled Brushes Optional Addon.

Even if the trucks have flat surfaces, it is better to have Wheel Blasters to clean the Chassis and the Wheels where the brushes will not be able to touch.


Can the KKE Bus Wash Machines wash Double Decker Buses / Intercity Buses ?

The Trolley Bus  Wash Systems -

come with 4 height options. You can select the one which best suits your requirement. The washable height options are :

  • 3.5 m (137.8")
  • 4.15 m (163.3")
  • 4.6 m (181.10")
  • 5.1 m (200")

For Double Decker Buses or the Long Distance Intercity buses, Automatic Bus Wash Machine with 5.1m washable height is the most suitable option.


What are Drive Through Truck Wash Systems?

Drive through truck wash systems are the equipment for washing higher number of vehicles. Your fleet might be School Buses, City Buses, Intercity Buses or Any type of Truck, the Bus Truck wash system can be designed with the separate arches of KKE 501 : Drive Thru Truck Wash System.

The KKE 501 is a modular system and is controlled by a single controller which activates the arches when it is required.


Automatic Truck Wash Systems

Automatic Truck Wash Systems differ based on the type of trucks or the number of trucks you wish to wash each day or each hour. If the number of trucks are more, like if you have a fleet, a drive through truck wash system is more suitable, however, if the number trucks range between 4 - 6 per hour, a trolley type system is suitable.

KKE 501 is a Drive Through Truck Wash System.


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