KKE is an expert in Multi Bay systems maintaining strict quality of the control systems used in Multi Bay Systems. The Wash systems consist a single or multiple high pressure pumps which are arrange in parallel. For systems which are in Low – Medium pressure range Expansion tanks can be used to reduce the number of pump Start – Stops.

The System consists of a control system which syncs the operation of multiple pumps. The system detects the reduction in pressure of the system and starts the pump immediately. In the wash systems where the number of bays are higher, multi pump systems are used to reduce the operational efficiency. In multi pump system, the pumps start one by one based on the requirement on the user side. Eg. If there are 10 wash bays and only one wash bay is being used, it is always better to have 1 of the small pumps running at 50 – 60 % capacity than one big pump running at 10% capacity.

The pumps can be operated using a Variable Frequency Drive for increasing energy savings and also to enhance the Pump Motor life.

The systems generally consist of :

  • High Pressure Pump/s
  • Expansion Tank
  • Control System
  • Hose Reels with Nozzles

These system are Skid mounted and can be easily setup on the site.

Following are our standard systems, however, these systems can be customised as per your requirements. Please feel free to contact us using the link below.


KKE M200 : 2 Gun Multidrop Pump System

KKE M200 is a two-nozzle Multidrop system which allows a single pump system to supply pressurised water to 2 hand guns. The M200 can be used for either One bay with 2 Guns or 2 Bays with 1 gun each.

10 Gun Multidrop

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