Water Recycling has become one of the most important part of vehicle cleaning systems due to the increase in water shortage in almost all the cities in the world. The places where the water is in abundance, the water is mixed with so many salts that removing the salts in also very expensive.

It makes sense to reclaim the water and recycle it for reusing it for vehicle wash purposes. The vehicle wash water recycling is different from standard water recycling systems as oil is one of the constituents of the effluent water. This oil need to be removed before the water can be recycled.

Steps in Water Recycling

Step 1

KKE provides Oil Sludge separator which separates the oil, sludge and water from the wash water. This happens above the ground level and you need not create multiple settling tanks to remove the oil and sludge. Also all the maintenance to be done is all above ground without even stopping the washing process.

Step 2

The step 2 consists of Multimedia filtration which removes the fine dirt from the water. The water is charged into the vessel with a combination Sand, Gravel and Anthracite.

Step 3

The water is passed through Activated Carbon filter which increases the filtration level along with removing bad odour from the water. The Activated carbon works on the Adsorption principle rather than absorption which makes it more effective.

Step 4

For places where the water contains Calcium and Magnesium Salts resign softener is used to remove the salts from the water. These salts leave stains on the vehicle and reduce the effectiveness of  shampoos and blowers.

KKE also recently introduced aeration system to induce Air into the water to remove bad odours from the water.

Each of the equipment is skid mounted and can be ordered separately.


Flow Rates

  • 2000 liters / hour ( 8.8 gpm)
  • 5000 liters / hour (22 gpm)
  • 10,000 liters / hour (44 gpm)
  • 20,000 liters / hour ( 88 gpm)
  • 30,000 liters / hour (132 gpm)
  • 60,000 liters / hour (264 gpm)
  • 1,00,000 liters / hour (440 gpm)



Technical Data



Optional Addons

  • KKE W100 Skid 1 Oil Sludge Separator
  • KKE W100 Skid 2 Multimedia Filter
  • KKE W100 Skid 3 Activated Carbon Filter
  • KKE W100 Skid 4 Resin Softener


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