Centralised Vacuum is most efficient way to clean the Cars at Car Shop. It comprises of long hoses, network of PVC pipe and a centralised power unit  mostly in a separate service room or garage where all dust is piped. Centralised vacuum can be installed into a Car Washing Center, Car Repairing, Car Detailing Centers, large buildings, etc.

Centralised vacuum is very easy to operate, user only have to extend the hoes and it can clean the every corner of the car. One can clean more than one Car at a time depending upon the number  of drops.

Centralised vacuum are more efficient and cost effective, also it required less power. Centralised vacuum eliminates the need of carrying a heavy unit everywhere for cleaning. The motor is of high horsepower it can be equivalent to two- three general vacuum cleaner where it can perform work of  4-6 general vacuum cleaner. Additionally dirt carrying capacity of Centralised vacuum is larger as the dirt bag is large in size.

There are different range of vacuum cleaner available with KKE as follows:

  • 2 drop Centralised Vacuum
  • 4 drop Centralised Vacuum
  • 8 drop Centralised Vacuum


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