KKE is an expert in Tire Wash Systems to effectively clean the tyres in various applications like mining, construction, decontamination etc.

KKE has Tyre wash Equipment in both Portable and Permanent configurations. This gives you the flexibility of installing portable Tire Wash equipment in areas where the installations are temporary and have to moved after few weeks or months.

The tire wash systems or the wheel wash equipment models are as follows :
  1. KKE TW133 : This Tire Wash System has single tire rotation within the Tire wash equipment. The equipment activates automatically on vehicle / truck detection.

  2. KKE TW144 : This tire wash system has about 2 -3 tire rotations within the system. This system is suited for places with higher traffic.

  3. KKE TW155 : This tire wash systems has 3 -5 tire rotations within the tire wash equipment. This is suitable for high traffic areas and where the lot of dirt is adhering to the tires.

The above models can be configured to be installed as portable models as well by adding water collection bay, tanks, scrapper conveyor tank etc. The control panel can be placed outside and does not require any control room.

The pumps are place above ground for ease of maintenance and accessibility.

KKE Tire wash equipment effectively clean the tires and reduce tracking of the vehicles on the further paths of travel.

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