Automatic Truck Washing Equipment

KKE has the experience and expertise in Manufacturing of Bus / Truck Wash systems, also called as Utility Vehicle Cleaing systems. Vehicles have different washing technology requirements based on the Location, Type of Dirt and the Type of Vehicles to be washed.
KKE offers Truck Wash Equipment in both Variations :
  •     Drive Through Equipment
  •     Trolley / Gantry / Rollover Equipment

These equipment can be selected in both Brush and High Pressure Technology.


Trolley / Gantry  Automated Truck Wash Systems Sri Lanka

Trolley or Gantry Automatic Truck Washing equipment typically run on the rails which are mounted at the floor level. The rails are mounted at about 4 -5 m distance apart and the trolley moves on the rails performing various washing operations on the Truck. Trolley systems can wash about 5 - 8  trucks per hour depending upon the shape and size of the trucks. This kind of washing is a batch process where one truck is washed at one point of time. 

Both Brush and Touchless Technology can be used on the Trolley Automatic Truck Wash. Brush Type Truck Wash Equipment are more suited for the Trucks which have flat surfaces. The Three Brushes of the Truck Wash machine sense the Truck Profile and clean the Truck fro mall around.

Touchless Truck Wash Equipment are more suitable for Trucks with irregular shapes, specially Tankers and Flat Trucks with Trailers. The main advantage of Touchless System is that, unlike the brushes, the high-pressure jets can jet into the nooks and carnies and help in better cleaning these areas.

You can also opt for a Combination of Brush and touchless technology by going for optional high-pressure addons.


Drive Through Automated Truck Wash Systems

Drive Through Equipment are selected when a large number of vehicles have to be washed in a short duration of time. Various Wash Stations are installed in the path through which the Trucks need to pass slowly. The Drive through Truck wash systems like the Trolley systems can be designed in Touchless, Brush or Combination configurations. The Washing speed typically ranges from 20 - 60 trucks per hour depending upon the length available and the type of system (Brush/ Touchless).

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