This webpage is being written to demystify the various types of Car Wash Equipment and which one you should select. Car Wash Business is a very profitable business in as Labour is an increasingly scarce resource. Water is another aspect. Water resources are depleting and it is always good to recycle water which is being used.

KKE Wash Systems has been the business of Manufacturing Automatic Car Wash Equipment since last 25 years. The constant Research and Development along with customer problem solving focus make KKE Car Wash Equipment one of the best machines in the Industry.

KKE Wash Systems has machines in :

  1. Roll Overs
  2. Conveyors
  3. Drive Through Fleet Wash

All these Automatic Car Wash Equipment are built to suit a specific purpose based on the number and type of car to be washed.

You would also find Machines differ on the type of washing technology used. KKE Wash Systems has developed all the washing technologies available today :

  1. Friction / Brush Car Wash Systems
  2. Touchless Car Wash Systems
  3. Combination Car Wash Systems


Automatic Truck Wash for Road Train KKE Car Wash Equipment come with a rugged Control System. The control system is connected to the internet and equipment can be monitored and diagnosed from a remote location like KKE Service Station.

Planning to start a Chain of Automatic Car Wash Systems, no problem, we have central management console in the Customer Login , from where you can view all your machines and its current running status like number of cars washed, programs etc.


Rollover / Trolley / Gantry Car Wash Systems

All these name- Rollover , Gantry and Trolley systems are the same type of equipment. The Car is driven on the bay and parked. The trolley then performs all the cleaning functions. The rails of the equipment can either be on the floor or overhead, depending upon the design. ;

Rollover car wash equipment offered by KKE are :

  1. KKE SpeedoClean
  2. KKE X1.1 - Friction Combination
  3. KKE X2 - Friction Combination
  4. KKE Wave - Touchless

Rollover systems are good for an hourly traffic of 5 - 10 vehicles.


Conveyor / Tunnel Car Wash Systems

In conveyor systems, the car is pulled by the conveyor mounted on the wash bay. The Driven is driven upto the car wash bay, where the Correlator aligns the car with conveyor and the conveyor pulls the car into the car wash system. Since the equipment is stationary and the car is moving, all the arches like, Presoak, Foaming, Wheel Blaster, Brushing, Final Rinse , Drying arches have to be in the same sequence as the sequence of operation desired.

KKE Wash Systems has Conveyor system called as Gamma and can be configured as follows :

  1. KKE Gamma 12 m
  2. KKE Gamma 18 m
  3. KKE Gamma 30 m

Based on the above configuration, the Gamma Conveyor Car Wash Equipment can wash 20 - 120 cars per hour.

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