Automatic Bus Wash Machines - Trolley

Trolley / Gantry Automatic Bus Wash Machines with

  • Brush / Friction 
  • Touchless , or
  • Combination

Washing Technologies for your Fleet.

Buses Per Hour : 6 - 10

Trolley Machines

Drive Through Bus Wash Equipment

Bus Wash Machines built for drive thru applications for high throughput requirements of your fleet.

The Equipment can be customised as the type of fleet.

  • Brush / Friction 
  • Touchless , or
  • Combination

Buses Per Hour : 10 - 30

Drive Through Systems

Single Brush Portable Bus Wash Machine

Quick and cost effective way of manually cleaning your bus truck fleet.

Most suitable for small size of fleet.

Buses Per Hour : 3 - 4

Trolley Machines

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Perplexed with the large number of options? Use the Car Wash Equipment Selection tool to Zero down to the right Car Wash Machine.

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Equipment Selection Tool

Complete range of Automatic Bus Wash Machines for any size of your fleet.

30 th

Total Bus Washing Solutions

KKE Wash Systems has an entire range of bus wash equipment from which you can select the equipment which best matches the size of your fleet. We have equipment for all the types of vehicles :

  • School Buses
  • Intercity Buses
  • City Buses
  • Motorhomes
  • Delivery Vans

Infact, the very first machine manufactured by KKE was a bus wash machine which is now called KKE 403 after almost 27 years .

IoT Enabled - All set for Future!

IoT is Internet of things technology which helps you securely Access and Control your Gadgets Remotely.

Why is it important?

  • Manage multiple Locations remotely
  • Easy reports
  • Strict Control over Operations
  • Fault Diagonsis
  • Easy Maintenance Management

All KKE Automatic Bus Wash Equipment come enabled with IoT Control system giving you all the baove advantages on your operations..


Trolley Bus Wash Systems

Friction and Touchless Trolley Bus Wash System.

If you need any help in selecting the equipment or equipment please feel free to contact us.

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That is how you would describe KKE Bus Wash Machines. At KKE, we take inputs from our previous customers about various factors which help in deciding -

What would make this Bus Wash Machine more user friendly?


This is what makes KKE Equipment easy use and maintain. 

Depending upon the size of the fleet you wish to wash, you need to decide the equipment construction. The basic types of bus wash machines are : 

The Automatic Bus washing machines are suitable as they can Washing large of buses in very less time compared to the manual washing. Manual washing of buses is time consuming as the height of the buses is more and it requires a platform which has to be moved around the bus to clean it.