Mining Industry is one of the harshest conditions for Man and Machine. Thus it demands the most rugged equipment for cleaning and pollution control. Equipment with small mechanisms and complicated components do not find any place here. The equipment have to be Robust, Simple and Easy to Maintain.

KKE has been supplying equipment to the Mining and Ore Processing Industry since last 11 years and the equipment have proudly proved their mettle. The Mining related equipment are categorised in to two product segments

  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Pollution Control Equipment


Mining Equipment Cleaning?

We have been told by customers, the reason why they wash their Mining Equipment regularly is that the regular cleaning :

  • increases the life of the equipment almost by 20%
  • reduces breakdowns
  • helps in identifying the problems much in advance.

Because of the above reasons, the mine owners regularly clean their Haul Trucks, Excavators, Crawlers, Loaders on a regular basis. Some of them even wash each vehicle at the end of each shift.

Pollution Control

Mining activities cause a lot of dust in the surrounding areas which causes occupational respiratory disorders and also can be cause of accidents due to poor visibility. KKE has product suit for your requirements like

Mining Industry has greatly benefitted because of the use of these equipment while keeping the dust levels low. The Pollution Regulatory requirements are also met by the use of these equipment.



Mining Truck Wash Equipment

KKE has done cleaning systems for regular trucks which exit the mines and also the Monster Haul Trucks and Heavy Duty Excavation Cranes. Heavy duty nozzles and pumps are required to wash such heavy equipment mainly because of the amount of dirt which is sticking to the body of the vehicles. Estimating the amount of Dirt and Optimizing the system is something we can because of our experience in building DE mucking systems since 1993.

Mist Cannon - Fogging

Fogging system can be named as Mist Cannons, dust suppression system, etc. With intense R&D, Design and High Quality Material we manufactured Fogging systems which are capable of suppressing Dust upto 50 micron in Diameter. Fogging System Improves Air Quality by settling the dust particle from air, it also reduce the health risk.

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