Construction Wheel Wash Systems

Construction is one of the major contributors to pollution in the Urban and Rural areas. Apart from the Noise and Water Pollution, construction majorly contributes to Air Pollution and Soil Pollution.

  • Noise Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Air Pollution
  • Soil Pollution

KKE Specialises in Wheel Wash Systems built specifically for construction sites which are heavy duty and require minimal space for installation. Also to your benefit, the equipment is portable and can be shifted from one site to another in no time.

The Wheel wash system greatly reduces vehicle tracking at the exit helping you to control the air pollution along with the mandatory compliances. The dirt carried by Truck, vehicle tyre treads later falls off on the public roads. This further dries and with passing vehicles rises in the air causing the air particulate matter to increase. It has been seen that cities where construction is going on, have higher PPM levels. This cement dust then settles around the roads and highways which further pollutes the soil in the nearby regions.

The Wheels wash systems wash down the tire of the vehicles. The equipment removes loose dirt which may fall off on the road. The water used is recycled to be used again, saving on the precious water resource. The system comes with scraper conveyor system which removes the sludge collected for it to disposed off properly. The Oil colleted while washing the truck wheels and chassis is also collected using a Oil Skimmer.

Tire Wash System

Wheel Washing Systems greatly reduce the pollution caused by the vehicles specially in the excavation site and further during loading and unloading the construction area. KKE Wheel Wash Systems have known to be proven systems in terms of effectiveness and quality in the construction domain.

Wheel Wash Equipment Consists of :

  • Wash Bay made of Hot Dip galvanised Structure
  • Entry Exit Ramp
  • Water Collection Chamber
  • Dirt Trap System

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