Automatic Car Washes are the express way to clean ones car. This is a growing trend in all the metros and upcoming metros of India. An Automatic car wash takes just 5 - 10 minutes to clean one car which makes maintaining a car very easy in this era of no time. The cars get washed in express fashion and customer is happy about the quick services.


KKE has two type of express car wash equipment :

1. Trolley type

2. Conveyor express car wash equipment


Trolley type of express car wash machine can wash upto 8 -10 cars per hour (KKE 300, KKE 200 ) It is best suited for express car washes in smaller cities. The customers can visit the waiting room, buy a cup of coffe or buy Do it your self chemicals.

A Conveyorised express car wash equipment can process about 30 - 120 cars per hour. This type of express car wash is best suited for larger cities where one can expect around 100 - 120 cars per hour. The customers cab keep sitting in the car and are happy about the express way the car wash cleans the vehicles.

This is a growing business opportunity and a business which puts you on the express way of earning.

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