We, KKE, are a Car Wash Supplier in USA with our entire range of car wash equipment which are rugged enough to handle the car wash environment in the car wash industry.

KKE has following equipment :
  • Inbay Automatic Car Wash Equipment USA
    • KKE Speedoclean : Entry Level Car Wash Equipment Pneumatic Sensing vertical brushes
    • KKE 318 : Medium range Car Wash Equipment with overlapping brushes
    • KKE 300 : 3 Brush High End Car Wash Equipment with advanced programs.
    • KKE 200 : Advanced High Pressure Touchless Car Wash  Equipment
  • Conveyor Car Wash Equipment USA
    • KKE Gamma 12m : 20 - 30 cars per hour
    • KKE Gamma 18m : 50 - 60 cars per hour
    • KKE Gamma 30 m : 100 - 120 cars per hour

Please get in touch with us for more details and prices of car wash equipment above. KKE has a lot of optional addons to enhance your car wash equipment and differentiate it from your competition.

Equipment available in 60 Hz frequency and USA voltages 220 V AC 3 phase and 480 V AC 3 Phase.

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