Mist Cannons are used for dust suppression in large areas. The main reason for using mist cannons or fogging systems is to reduce the water usage while covering a large area.

MSC50 is a mist cannon system which covers 40 -50 m distace radialy in windless conditions. The system is extremenly efficient with its Slew Bearing Rotating assembly. There is gearbox which rotates the top porting of the mist cannon. Slew Bearing is the same bearing which is used in heavy duty excavators thus ensureing of trouble free rotating joint.

The MSC50 needs a positive pressure of water. The pump on MSC50 is made of Stainless Steel and pressurises the water for form fine mist which travels a larger distance than the water droplets.

The MSC50 can be mounted in various configurations and is one of the most versatile in that matter.


  • Truck Mounted
  • Trolley Mounted
  • Stationary or Elevated Platform mounted

The Truck mounted and the trolley mounted systems can come with a Diesel Generator for remote operations. Water Tank can also be fitted on the truck or the Trolley.

The control system is mounted outside the rotating area and can be accessed easily for operation. The system runs using a rugged processor at 16 MHz. The system also has a remote control for remote operation. The system is programmable and the user can set the limits within which it can operate. Once the user sets the limits, the mist cannon swings between those two limits until stopped by the user. The system uses high precision optical encoders which practically do not have any error as compared to the Inductive rotary angle sensors.

MSC50 becomes the unbeatable system in its range for its ruggedness and efficiency.


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