Kerala, India is an excellent place for starting a car wash business. KKE has the maximum number of installations in Kerala in India. The high per capita income of people in Kerala makes Car Wash business a very encouraging business in Kerala.

Car Wash business in all big cities and towns of Kerala is a good idea. Some cities are -  Thiruvananthapuram , Kochi (Ernakulam), Kozhikode (Calicut), Kollam, Thrissur, Kannur, Malappuram, Nagercoil etc.

The tropical climate of Kerala also supports the car wash business. The best way to operate a car wash is by ownership of the equipment rather than franchise, where one ends up paying almost the cost of equipment he invested.

Types of Car Wash Machines for Kerala

There are many types of Car Wash machines in the market and they enough to get you confused on where to start or what to buy or consider. So, to clear out some cloud for you, the Automatic Car Wash machines can be bifurcated into the following types.

Car Wash Equipment for Kerala (Based on Configuration)

RollOver Systems Tunnel Systems


Rollover Systems

RollOver car wash systems are the type of car wash machines where the Car is driven in and parked in the car wash bay and the trolley moves over the car and perform various car wash cycles. These are suitable for places where you have about 100 cars or lesser per day.  These are the type which are very prevelant in Kerala at the moment. For you to get an idea, you can see the Roll Over car wash systems on this page .


Tunnel Systems

Tunnel systems, on the other hand, are the reverse concept of Rollover systems. When the requirement of the cars per day is higher, the equipment utilisation is increase by moving the car instead of the equipment. This way multiple cars are washed at one point of time and the cars are pulled using an underground conveyor. You can view Tunnel systems of KKE here.


Brush or Touchless Car Wash for Kerala?

KKE operates in more than 50 countries globally and we have both Brush Car Wash Machines and Touchless Car Wash machines in both Roll Over and Tunnel Configurations. To get your concepts right, you can do an experiment right at your home. If your car is dirty, just splash a mug of water on the car as hard as possible and let it dry. You'll be surprised that the dirt remains there as it is. What is means is Touchless systems are suitable only for a specific type of Soil and Climatic Conditions. In kerala, your car will not get cleaned unless you use a soft brush or a cloth to clean the car.

The Gist :-

Brush Systems: Areas with very dirty cars, clay deposits, bad roads in the vicinity. - Kerala

Touchless Systems: Sandy Areas, Cars fairly clean, Very Good Roads 


So, for Kerala or South India, unless you want to wash the entire car by hand before or after the car wash cycles, Touchless Systems are a No No! for a car wash business in Kerala. 

Roll Over car wash systems on this page

KKE Equipment Reference



KKE helps in planning your car wash centre and helps you in bay layouts and other approval work. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

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