Are you looking for faster option in Truck / Bus / Fleet washing. KKE 501 is the right option for you.

Drive through systems are stationary systems which are fixed on the floor of the Truck / Bus wash bay. The Bus / truck is driven slowly inside the bay. The equipment senses the presence of the vehicle and the arches start one by one as the vehicle approaches the arch.

A typical Truck / Bus Washing cycle is as below :

  • Prewash
  • Under Chassis Wash
  • Soap / Detergent Spray
  • Wheel Blasters
  • Brush Washing / High Pressure Washing
  • Final Rinse

The truck need to be driven very slowly through the system. Since the cleaning quality largely depends upon the ability of the driver to drive slowly, more number of arches should be used for proper cleaning. For ex. Having two brush arches instead of one arch is a good idea for good Truck / Bus Cleaning.

KKE also has high performance Trolley Systems in Australia for Truck and Bus Washing. 


KKE 501 : Drive Thru Truck Wash System

KKE 501 is a drive through truck wash system. KKE 501 offers arches for both Brush and High Pressure Systems.
KKE 501 is a PLC based system and offers easy to Operate and Maintain interface.
Drive Through System for Fleets, High Pressure, Brush , Combination System

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