Car Wash Business in India is definitely seeing an uptrend due to a lot of factors. GST has played a major role. May be by the fear of GST or advantages of GST implementation in India the number of cars in India is going up. Not to mention that the economy is also now improving.

Though most people look at an Automatic Car Wash and decide to go in for it, we always suggest our customers to have a proper survey. Equipment is a very small part of it. Unlike abroad where machines are compared based on the features, Indians try to differentiate the machines based on the number of cars per hour throughput capacity of a car wash machine. This is totally a wrong way of looking at machines.

As an Entrepreneur when you are planning to start car wash centre you should look for a distinct difference which your services provide in comparison to the other car wash centres, either manual or automatic. To have a successful car wash business in India you need to provide something which others don't provide. It can be some equipment feature or it can be some service. Some kind innovation needs to be present, it can be a product innovation or a process innovation. In your case of Automatic Car Wash Business, it will mostly be a process innovation.

KKE presents a lot of innovative features in the latest KKE X series machines which attract the customers and give a Wow feeling to your customers. Contact KKE for more details. We shall be glad in helping you plan your business.


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