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Vehicle Cleaning Equipment

KKE Wash Systems offers a complete range of Vehicle Wash Systems manufactured for market conditions. In fact, it is the only company in the world to have the entire gamut of Vehicle Wash Systems in its product profile. KKE offers equipment for Two Wheelers, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Mining Trucks, Trains etc.


Car Wash Equipment

Best Equipment suited for Car Wash Industry which help you excel in your business.

Trolley Car Wash Equipment

We offer a wide selection of Automatic Car Wash Machines so that you can choose the automatic car wash equipment that best suits your  Car Wash Business. Touchless, Foam Brushes, Combination Equipment. LAVA Foam System, Snow Foam System, Triple Foam Waxes, Tyre Sprays help in bringing in new customers while having the old customers coming back again and again. As a manufacturer, designing and manufacturing Automatic Car Wash Machines for last 31 years, we understand what attracts customers to your Car Wash Business. Our Research and Development team continuously works to make your Car Wash the most attractive one. That is what drives the revenue to your Automatic Car Wash Business and makes it profitable.


Conveyor Car Wash Equipment

When you have High Traffic Locations, nothing can beat the Conveyor Car Wash Tunnels. These Automatic Car wash Equipment can easily wash from 30 cars per hour to 120 cars per hour depending upon the length of the conveyor. High-performance Car Wash Conveyors built using cutting edge technology make your Car Wash a Robust one, give you years and years of service. The Control System of KKE Gamma Car Wash Equipment is another marvel. In spite of using the best of High Tech systems, it is made so simple for maintenance and operation keeping your maintenance cost low for its duration of service.

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Self Serve Bay Equipment

Self Serve Car Wash while being used as a business independently, are always a required addon for an Automatic Car Wash Business. KKE has the widest variety of Pumping Systems, VFD controlled Pump Systems, Chemical Delivery Systems, Centralised Vacuums for your Self Serve Bays. We also have Bay controllers running on Ethernet which majorly reduces the Cabling and Maintenance cost. Simple Rugged systems with parts you can buy anywhere in the world - off the shelf.

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Bus / Truck Wash Equipment

Keep your Fleet as clean as your Brand Image. High-performance solutions for washing City Buses and Articulated Trucks.

Automatic Trolley Systems Bus / Truck Wash Equipment

Are you looking for a perfect solution to clean your fleet of Trucks and Buses? Well, you have reached the right place. KKE has multiple options for your fleet cleaning requirement. Having a Clean fleet not only impacts your brand image but also improves the life of your fleet. Choose from Friction, Touchless and Combination systems suitable for Semi Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Buses, Ambulances, RVs, Motor Homes.

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Drive Through Truck Wash Systems

Are you looking for faster option in Truck / Bus / Fleet washing. KKE 501 is the right option for you.

Drive through systems are stationary systems which are fixed on the floor of the Truck / Bus wash bay. The Bus / truck is driven slowly inside the bay. The equipment senses the presence of the vehicle and the arches start one by one as the vehicle approaches the arch.



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Manual Cleaning Equipment

An array of Manual Cleaning Equipment like Portable Pressure Washer, Steam Cleaners for adding the last finishing touch to your Vehicle Cleaning Requirements. High-Pressure Cleaners help you get into the hidden nooks and crannies which the Automatic Systems might miss or you can wash the entire Car, Bus or Truck all by Itself. Steam Cleaners give that satisfying feeling of cleaning the interior of the vehicles. Some might prefer it for cleaning the entire vehicle by steam itself, saving on Water.

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Equipment for Construction and Mining

Maintain your Earth-moving equipment while complying with pollution regulations at your Mining and Construction sites.

Wheel Washing Systems

High-Performance Wheel Wash Systems for effective cleaning tyres for your Construction Site, Mine or your Factory. Size your wheel wash as per your vehicular traffic and configuration based on the number of years of operation. Select Portable Wheel Wash Systems and Concrete Tyre Wash Systems based on your requirement with Sludge Extraction System for sensible water consumption and water saving. Hot Dip Galvanised Steel structure ensures long life while the heavy Steel construction ensures robustness all along its service life.

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Mining Truck Wash Equipment

Are you looking for a Cleaning Solution for your Mining Haul Trucks and your heavily soiled Excavators? KKE just has the Mining Equipment Cleaning Systems you might be looking for. Nothing stands against the High Impact nozzles which just remove the huge lumps of mud. Heavy duty nozzles and pumps are required to wash such heavy equipment mainly because of the amount of dirt which is sticking to the body of the vehicles. Estimating the amount of Dirt and Optimizing the system is something we can because of our experience in building Demucking systems since last 31 years.

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Mist Cannon - Fogging

Fogging system can be named as Mist Cannons, dust suppression system, etc. With intense R&D, Design and High Quality Material we manufactured Fogging systems which are capable of suppressing Dust upto 50 micron in Diameter. Fogging System Improves Air Quality by settling the dust particle from air, it also reduce the health risk.

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