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KKE Wash Systems Ireland offers a complete range of Vehicle Wash Systems. Infact, it is the only company in the world to have the entire gamut of Vehicle Wash Systems in its product profile. KKE offers equipment for Two Wheelers, Cars, Buses, Trucks, Mining Trucks, Trains etc.

KKE also specialises in special Industrial washing systems which can be built as per client's requirements.

Tunnel Car Wash Systems Ireland

KKE Wash Systems has Tunnel car wash equipment from 20 cps to 120 cph depending on your requirements.

The smallest conveyor is 12m for those people who want change over from Inbay Automatics to Tunnel Systems. Rugged conveyors with UHMPWE material for long life.

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Fleet / Truck Wash Systems Ireland

KKE Wash Systems systems offers the entire range of Automatic Truck Wash Equipment. From Drive Through Truck Wash Equipment to Gantry Truck Wash Equipment, High Pressure to Brush Cleaning Equipment, KKE has it all. Choose the best one which suits your fleet or ask us to suggest you suitable equipment.

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Wheel Wash Systems Ireland

Tire Wash Systems / Wheel Cleaning Systems are one of the best in the industry. Vast range of equipment right from Single Tire rotataion to mutiple tire rotations from low pressure to high pressure systems.

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Water Recycling Systems Ireland

Saving water saves you a lot more than just saving water. KKE present W100 series which are built specifically for the Vehicle Wash Waste Water recalmation requirements. KKE offers both manual as well as Automatic Water Recycling Equipment.

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KKE Wash Systems Ireland

KKE Wash Systems is looking for Dealers in Ireland for all its Vehicle Washing Equipment. If interested, please contact us.

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KKE Wash Systems Ireland is a member of  International Car Wash Association

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