Car Wash Equipment Best Prices basedon car wash Techniques

As shown in the above diagram, the Car Wash Equipment Prices change based on the type of car wash technique you employ to clean the cars. The best prices for car wash equipment depend upon the number of cars you plan to wash each day and the amount of Investment you would like to do for your Car Wash Business.

Based on the above techniques, the Best Prices for the car wash equipment would differ.

Price Graph for Car wash Equipment

From the above graph of Car Wash Equipment Price and the Number of Cars per hour, High-Pressure Car Washers are available from quite a low price range but these typically use and throw kind of Pressure Washers. Steam, on the other hand, has almost similar throughput or car cleaning rate. High-Pressure cleaners can only be used for exterior cleaning while Steam Cleaners can be used for Interior and Exterior Car Cleaning.

KKE DR100 Steam Cleaner and KKE Power

If you see that the Automatic Car Wash Equipment is much ahead in the Car Washing rate. This increase in car washing comes at a price and are priced higher than the Steam and High-Pressure cleaners. Based on the type of Car Wash Equipment, the car wash equipment throughput can go as high as 120 cars per hour.

Car Wash Equipment are of two types - Roll Over and Conveyor as mentioned in the image above. The Rollover cost less, while the conveyor systems cost more. Conveyor systems can wash more number of cars depending upon the length of the conveyor.

As mentioned earlier, the best prices for Car Wash Equipment depends upon your requirement of the number of cars to washed and the amount of investment you plan to do. Many a time, you do not have enough cars to justify the Automatic car wash equipment price. In that case, high-pressure cleaners washers also get the job done well.

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