Car Wash Bay designing is one of the most important factors in the success of a Car Wash Station. While designing the layout the Car Wash, one must consider the factors mentioned in this article for a proper working of the Car Wash Business.

Car Wash Bay Planning

The bay design depends upon the following :

  1. Amount of land available
  2. Expected Traffic
  3. Types and Number of Car Wash Systems
  4. Types of Services Planned
  5. Future Planning


Amount of Land Available

The bay design change significantly based on the Size of the Land Available. In fact most of the times, the business decisions change due to the availability of land. It is always difficult to get a good big piece of land / plot in the busy area of the city. So the Car Wash Bay Design and the Equipment depend upon the size of the land available.

 At times you are lucky to get a big piece of land at a bargain price, but you need to keep in mind bigger the area, more is the cost of construction. You need to keep in mind the Return on Investment on such a large Investment.


 Expected Traffic

 This is actually a no brainer. When you are not expecting a huge traffic, may be because of the size of population of distance from the city, it makes sense to curtail the expenditure. The bay should be designed in a way to cater to the traffic efficiently. In the same way, the when you are expecting a good traffic, you need to have enough spaces for parking, lineup of cars, adequate wash bays etc.


Types and Number of Car Wash Systems

This point is a follow up  for the above point ie Expected Traffic along with the type of population in your vicinity. You need to determine whether you’ll get more self serve customers or Automatic Car Wash Customers. This will impact the size of the equipment room for the support equipment like Water Tanks, Compressor, Chemicals, Pumps, Coin Storage, Water Recycling System, etc.

 General configurations are :

  • 1 Inbay Automatic Car Wash
  • 1 Inbay Automatic Car Wash + 1 - 2 Vacuum Station
  • 1 Inbay Automatic Car Wash + 1 - 7 Self Serve Systems
  • 1 Tunnel Car Wash + 1 - 10  Self Serve Systems

You can decide the configurations based on the traffic expected and the type of customers you expect. Look for car wash businesses near you, you might get a clue from them.


Types of Services Planned

You can plan multiple services in your car wash depending upon the amount of land available and types of customers expected at your car wash business.

Various Services clubbed with Car Wash are :

  • Laundry
  • Game Zone
  • Dog Wash
  • Coffee Shop
  • Convenience Store


Future Planning

 You need to plan while keeping the future in your mind. May be your car wash is in the outskirts right now but in about 5 years, you see a major township coming near your area. You need to build a master plan based on further expansion and have a setup ready as per that plan. When you plan to expand further, there would be a minimal demolition required.

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