KKE has an expertise in Heavy Duty Cleaning Systems since last 27 years. Mining Equipment are subject to harshest conditions and general washing principles do not hold true in case of cleaning of Mining Equipment.

KKE has done cleaning systems for regular trucks which exit the mines and also the Monster Haul Trucks and Heavy Duty Excavation Cranes. Heavy duty nozzles and pumps are required to wash such heavy equipment mainly because of the amount of dirt which is sticking to the body of the vehicles. Estimating the amount of Dirt and Optimizing the system is something we can because of our experience in building DE mucking systems since 1993.

Optimised Mining Cleaning Systems

KKE has been building such rugged equipment since a long time and has supplied equipment some of the remotest places on earth. At KKE we have a design team which designs Mining Vehicle Cleaning Equipment based on your requirements. The requirements are determined by the Size of the Fleet, Dimensions of the fleet, Throughput required and Type of ore where the equipment are being used.

The Systems can built Manual or Automatic in operation.

KKE has worked with EPC companies like Technip, Areva, Bechtel, Punj Lloyd, L&T ECC where we have provided Package systems including the Control Rooms, Pump Housing, DCS etc.

Please feel free to contact us with your requirements, we would be happy to provide a good solution for your requirements.


Mining Truck Wash System

Mining is a difficult job and so is for the Earth Moving equipment used in it. Vehicles collect huge lumps of mud which stick to the Vehicle Surfaces. Removing these kind of dirt is difficult. KKE specialises in washing mining vehicles since last 26 years. The expertise is a result of constant research and development for a continued period of time.

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