KKE Wash Systems presents Advanced Steam Cleaners. KKE DR100 Steam Cleaners have a wide range of applications in cleaning car’s interior and exterior.
Whether you want to set up a new business or looking for a good add on for Automatic Car Wash Business, KKE DR100 Series Steam Cleaners are an excellent service option. Steam cleaning is a process of using steam vapor to clean a car surface with ease and minimum effort. Steam cleaning is majorly favorable due to its effectiveness and sanitizing power. As compared to the conventional car-wash solutions Steam cleaning has advantages that you simply do not get using conventional car washing methods. It provides a unique ability to simultaneously clean and sanitizes the car. It effectively helps in killing germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Steam cleaning helps in keeping the car paint fresh and free from scratches.
Steam Cleaning is done by spraying the Steam directly on the Car surface and wiping out by a clean microfibre towel without using any chemicals or brushes which left the car surface untouched by the hard bristles and safe from any scratches occurring, resulting in the car left fresh and shining bright.
The chief advantage of steam cleaning is no harmful and harsh chemicals are used for Car cleaning. Using harmful chemicals for cleaning your car are not only hard on the dirt and grime but they are also very harsh on the environment too. Whereas Steam Cleaning is completely safe and causes no harm to the environment and provides you the opportunity to contribute to nature.
Car windows and mirrors can be cleaned naturally with steam which left the glasses from being streaky and makes them clean and smooth. Also makes it appear as fresh as new. Steam Cleaning also removes wax, tar, and other compounds from chrome. All types of odors are eliminated with steam cleaning. By using Steam you can easily remove Pet stains, smoking, mold and mildew. Also, Fabrics are quickly deep cleaned and freshened up easily. Whether you are using Dry Steam or Wet Steam, it left the surfaces almost dry as soon as the steam cleaning is done. Areas that are hard to reach like steering wheels, vents, ashtrays, armrests and cup holders are easily cleaned in minutes.
Steam cleaning is indeed an excellent choice for cleaning your car. Steam attains high temperature which is important for the effective steam cleaning of the vehicle and which eventually kill and denature harmful bacteria and microorganisms. This leaves your vehicle smelling clean and fresh which is completely safe and healthy. Since steam car wash does not use detergents and therefore there is no wastage of water. If you want the car to look fresh, smell natural and appear new, get in touch with our professionals at KKE Wash Systems

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