Fogging system can be named as Mist Cannons, dust suppression system, etc. With intense R&D, Design and High Quality Material we manufactured Fogging systems which are capable of suppressing Dust upto 50 micron in Diameter. Fogging System Improves Air Quality by settling the dust particle from air, it also reduce the health risk.

How It works?

Nozzle sprays the water in air, a large fan with high horsepower situated just behind the nozzle bank, carries water droplets to longer distance. It divides the droplets into smaller part. These Droplets wets the dust in air and causes it to settle down with help the earthly miracle Gravity. This results in very low Water consumption and Power consumption. Additionally neither the system requires additional chemicals nor does it wets the product if present.

Fogging system is also available in various ranges from 10m to 100m throw as follow:

  • 10m Throw
  • 20m Throw
  • 50m Throw
  • 80m Throw
  • 100m Throw

The advantage of Fogging System is easy installation, swift handling, pre-installed modular components and most important it can be controlled by Remote. We supply system mounted in three different configurations:

  • Trolley based mist cannon  with DG mounted on a water tanker truck,
  • Trolley based system with DG and Water tank,
  • Individual unit of trolley based mist cannon with 5m power cable.

Mining, Power Plants, Textile, Food and beverage, Waste dumpers, etc these are some industries where the application of Fogging system is found most often.


MSC20 - Mistbeam

Fogging systems are a good way to reduce the pollution due to dry Over Burder or in the loading and Unloading areas. MSC20 is short range Automatic Fogging System which rotates in complete 360 degree. The system can be title from -5 deg to 45 deg.

MSC50 - Mistbeam

Mist Cannons are used for dust suppression in large areas. The main reason for using mist cannons or fogging systems is to reduce the water usage while covering a large area.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is MSC 30 suitable for Singapore , specially in the dry areas?

Absolutely, the MSC series of Mist Cannons are extremely economical in water usage and uses very less water for Dust Control. The equipment uses high pressure pump which helps in reducing the water drop size increasing the effectiveness of the Mist Cannon System.

MSC Mist cannons are suitable for Singapore, specially as they have a very rugged built and are built to suit the harsh mining conditions.


2. Can we control the water discharge ?

The system comes with a valve near the water pump. You can control the Valve opening to increase or decrease the discharge per hour of the Mist Cannon. The special arrangement does not overload the pump motor.


3. Can you make the Mist Cannon System mobile?

Yes. we have a mobile Mist Cannon Systems which are mounted on Trolleys.

We also have Mist cannon systems which mounted on a Trailer and has arrangement for :

  • Diesel Generator,
  • Water Tank and
  • the Fogging System

.This system is a self contained system which can be driven and placed at a remote Mine location.


4. Can the Mist Cannons can be elevated to suppress dust on Over Burden?

Yes, the Mist Cannons can be placed on an elevated platform. The spray angle of the mist cannon can be adjusted to achieve the maximum coverage and dust control. The Mist Cannon has Automatic rotary movement with set points. The mist cannon moves within the set points.

Also the equipment comes with Remote Control and can be operated from a distance of 50 m.


5. How does Fogging Dust Suppression System work?

The Fogging Dust Suppression system has a high velocity fan which draws a large volume of air and pushes it high velocity. A nozzle bank is placed at the exit of the mist cannon. High pressure water is sprayed through the nozzles. The nozzles help in making a water droplets so small that they are carried as far as possible to increase the coverage.

The water droplets increase the humidity in the area and increase weight of the dust particles in the air. The dust settles down due to increase in the weight of the particles. Also it wets the dust on the ground and avoids the dust to rise with normal breeze or vehicles passing through the area.

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