Rollover car wash is most popular in smaller cities and towns where the number of vehicles is not high or a place where the tunnel car wash system cannot be fitted due to space issues.

In Rollover Car wash Equipment, the car is parked in the wash bay and the equipment is activated. The rollover trolley/gantry moves over the car performing various car wash operations like wetting, soap, brushing, rinsing, waxing and drying.

KKE has expertise in Rollover Car Wash Equipment. The first rollover car wash was made by KKE in the year 1993. KKE has multiple options in Rollover Car Wash Equipment

  1. KKE SpeedoClean : Speedoclean is a roll over car wash and has a capacity of 5 - 6 cars per hour. It has pneumatic vertical brush sensing which senses the size of the car being washed. The horizontal brush follows the contour of the car.
  2. X1.1 Automatic Car Wash Machine : KKE X1.1 is an entry-level model in the X series machines. It is with IoT Based Control system and is very advanced washing equipment.  It is a rollover car wash equipment that has overlapping vertical brushes which clean the front and the rear of the car. KKE 318 Rollover car wash equipment has an optional wheel wash.
  3. X2 - Automatic Car Wash Equipment: KKE X2 is a high-end Rollover car wash of the X Series. It has 3 brushes, 2 Vertical and 1 Horizontal. It also has inbuilt Wheel Wash Brushes, one on each side. The overlapping brushes is a standard feature in the X Series machines. It has a chemical dosing system that does the exact quantity to give the right performance. Wheel Brush comes integrated into the basic system.
  4. The Wave - Touchless Car Wash : KKE Wave is a High end, High-Pressure Touch less Rollover car wash. This Rollover car wash equipment does not have brushes. It uses High-Pressure nozzles to clean the car effectively. The horizontal nozzles follow the contour of the vehicle sensing the vehicle profile.

Rollover Car Wash equipment are best suited to low population areas for the car wash business. The rollover car wash from KKE is easy to install and maintain. The control panel of the KKE Rollover car wash machine is placed on the equipment saving space on the bay.

KKE also has Conveyor Systems if the throughput requirement is more than that is provided by rollover systems.

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