Fogging systems are a good way to reduce the pollution due to dry Over Burder or in the loading and Unloading areas. MSC20 is short range Automatic Fogging System which rotates in complete 360 degree. The system can be title from -5 deg to 45 deg.

The system can be operated using a remote and can be set in Automatic or Manual mode. The Fogging system swing can be set in a range and the system shall swing between those two limits. In the new systems, the control panel is placed outside the rotating area.

MSC20 can be mounted:

  • On the rear of a truck
  • On a Trolley which can be towed and taken to various locations
  • On a elevated platform 

for effective dust control.

MSC20 uses a Slew Bearing which is used in the Excavators. This provides a highly rigid rotating joint. The Fogging System rotates on this Slew Bearing and can be used in moving trucks. This is important as the mining roads are uneven and standard ball bearing joint fails very easily in such treacherous conditions.

The Control system is built out of robust Microprocessor based control system which operates at 16Mhz  for a very precise operation. The system also has Emergency stop which totally switches of the machine incase the user requires to switch off the entire system.

MSC20 is a very effective and compact Dust control system which has a throw of 20 - 25 m radially. The system uses a Stainless Steel Pump with High pressure to reduce water consumption.

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  • Mining Area
  • Loading and Unloading Areas
  • Construction Sites
  • Ore Processing Centers

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