Car Washers are of different type based on the number and type of cars you wish to wash. Can Washer can be :

  1. Automatic Car Washer
  2. Manual Car Washer

Automatic Car Washer

Automatic Car Wash is a machine which washes the body of the car automatically. It can typically take to wash a car in automatic car washer 4 -10 minutes based on the car washer cycle selected. KKE has Automatic car washers which can wash cars from 6 - 120 cars per hour. Upto 10 cars car be washed in Trolley type car washers and numbers beyond those have to wash on conveyor type car washers. These type of car washers are PLC computer controlled and are very easy to operate and maintain. All KKE car wash equipment come with centralised lubrication which makes it very easy for the operator to maintain the machine.
Automatic Car Washer Equipment can be of two types based on the type of technology used.

  1. High Pressure : High Pressure car washers use only high pressure water to wash the vehicles . It is also called touchless systems as no body part of the equipment touches the car. The horizontal nozzles follow the contour of the car.  KKE 200 is a high pressure car washer while you can add High Pressure Arches in the conveyorised Gamma car washer.
  2. Brush System : Brush car washer systems have brushes which clean the car. A typical car washer might have 3 brushes : 1 roof brush and 2 vertical brushes.Some larger car washers have even 7 brushes to quickly wash the vehicles with lesser number of complete passes. KKE Speedoclean, KKE X1.1 , KKE X2 and selected arches in Gamma Car Washer are brush systems. For Indian conditions we recommend brush car washers.

Manual Car Washer

Manual Car Washer is a portable/fixed pump with a high-pressure pump. Manual car washers are time-consuming and are suitable for car wash stations where the number of cars do not exceed 5 -10 per day. Manual car washer is also useful for washing intricate areas where the brushes or high-pressure jets of Automatic car washer cannot reach.
KKE presents the KKE Power series High-Pressure Car Washer Pumps which are very compact and rugged. It also has Kerosene / Diesel heater for heating water up to 150 deg Celsius which increases the cleaning efficiency rapidly. 

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