Car Wash Systems are becoming popular day bay day. Car Wash Operators are finding it more and more difficult to get trained employees for proper car cleaning. The cars are increasing day by day. A lot of people are opting for Automatic Car Wash System which saves resources like :

  • Labour
  • Time for Customers
  • Water

X2 Fully Automatic Car Wash Machine


The Car Wash Systems use soft bristles which clean the car by rotating gently over it. Casr Wash Systems use 3 Large brushes, 2 for the vertical areas and 1 for the hood, top and the rear part. The system uses its sensors to sense the vehicle profile, size and shape of the car. The brushes follow the exact contour of the car and clean the car surface.

Even though Automatic Car Wash Machines with brushes do a good job, Car Wash System which use High Pressure water also are available. High Pressure Equipment The Wave - Touchless Car Wash is a Touchless Car Wash System which does not use brushes for cleaning the car.

Car Wash Systems, based on the number of cars needed to be washed can be selected right from 5 cars per hour to as high as 120 cars per hour. Car Wash Systems with higher throughput rates use Conveyor systems, where the system remains stationery and the car is pulled or pushed through the car wash system. KKE Gamma 18 m is a conveyorised car wash system or a tunnel car wash system.

At KKE, we have car wash systems for each segment and we can supply the right equipment required for your area. Get in touch using the form below and we would get back to you as soon possible.

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