KKE Wash Systems has one of the best car wash machines and they have their Car Wash Machine for Sale too. You can buy the best equipment from KKE Wash Systems. Generally, selecting the right car wash machine is tricky as you need to consider a lot of factors like Traffic, type of dirt, space available, traffic movement etc, however, KKE has a wide range of car wash machines for sale from which you can select the right kind of machine you want.

Factors affecting Car Wash Machine selection :

  • Number of Cars Per Day
  • Type of Dirt or Kind of Dirt (Silica Dust / Coal / Road Grime / Bugs )
  • How dirty are the vehicles
  • Space Available
  • Traffic Movement

For places where you have a good amount of traffic, Tunnel Car Wash Machines are the best way forward. A 40ft Tunnel can easily to 25 - 35 cars per hour. Which means that even if you get 10 cars per hour on an average, you can easily do about 100 cars a day.

Another good thing about tunnel machines is that the customer is always moving. In a Rollover Car Wash Machine Scenario, when one car is getting washed, the customers behind have to wait. Whereas in Tunnels, the cars are continuously moving which makes the customers less impatient and they are more likely to stay on busy days when there is big line up at your car wash.

Make the right decision and select the right car wash machien for sale.

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