KKE has the best car wash machines required for car cleaning. The car wash machines start from 100 bar to 275 bar pressure. The range of these equipment is called Power and has the following combinations :

  • 100 bar - 660 lph
  • 160 bar - 900 lph
  • 200 bar - 1200 lph
  • 275 bar - 1080 lph

It is not always that higher the pressure, better the machine. It depends upon the number of vehicles per hour. Generally for a car washing business, we suggest 160 bar pump which is good with pressure and also gives a good foam with the foaming attachment.

Car Wash Machine High Pressure

If you are planning to start a manual car wash business, KKE has the best car wash machines in the professional series. Don't mistake these pumps for the cheaper pumps available at the online stores. These are heavy-duty car wash machines and can run continuously for the demanding requirements of your business. The pumps use replaceable components and each and every component can be changed to keep the pump running for life.

KKE Power come with an optional attachment which helps in spraying thick foam on the car. This helps in attracting customers and making them satisfied customers. The system comes with quick release coupling which helps in quickly changing the attachments from the foam to the normal washing gun.






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