Car Wash Equipment Price depends upon the car wash equipment type you select. Due to the current COVID pandemic we see a trend of people going in for Automatic Car Wash Business in due to the lesser manpower requirement.

Advantages of having Automatic Car Wash Equipment

  1. More Throughput : With Automatic Car Wash Equipment one can wash more number of cars minimum being 6 -7 cars per hour, while a manual car wash bay can handle only about 1 - 2 cars per hour.
  2. Lesser Labour Requirement: Compared to Manual Car Wash, an Automatic Car Wash Equipment uses much lesser labour when compared to a Manual Full-Service bay which does similar volume.
  3. Less Time : Since Automatic Car Wash Equipment are faster, your customers wait lesser time and hence they move out happily and come back again.
  4. Premium Services: With Automatic Car Wash Equipment, you can add premium cycles like LAVA Foam, Sealer Wax, Triple Foam Wax, Tire Glaze etc which can help you increase the revenues significantly.
  5. Less Wait Time: Often during the peak hour, there is a big line up outside the car washes. Since it is an Automatic Car Wash people know that they would not have to wait for long, hence throng in large numbers. Again, increasing your revenues.


Car Wash Equipment Prices

When it comes to the prices of the Automatic Car Wash Equipment, it varies based on the Equipment Motion Type and the Cleaning technology employed.


If you see the above graph, the Trolley Type Car Wash Equipment are priced much lesser. Also, the number of cars per hour is quite less compared to the conveyor / Tunnel car Wash Equipment. The Conveyor Car Wash Equipment prices increase with the increase in the length of the conveyor, however, there is no match to the number of cars which are washed by the Tunnel equipment.


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