Car Wash Layout has a lot to do with the success of your car wash business. There is no one Car Wash Business Layout which would be successful everywhere. Infact, each and every location  is different and has a different demography. This leads to different behavioural patterns which ultimately affect your Car Wash Business.


1. Services Selection

Let’s face it, you cannot provide all the services you like or sit with only one type of service. It is a competitive world out there and your services should be just the right fit for the place where you operate. You might have a large land and might plan for 2 Automatic Bays, but your location is a small town where are laid back and wouldn’t mind spending hours in the self serve. Got the point?

  • Number of Automatic Bays
  • Number of Manual Bays
  • Number of Vacuuming Bays
  • Fragrance Dispensers
  • Assisted Services like Detailing and Body Polishing
  • Convenience Store
  • Tyre and Accessory Shop

We at KKE help you select the right mix of the above services for a successful car wash business taking into account the demography, population, spending capacity etc.


2. Scope for Expansion

When you start any business, there is always a risk of uncertainty or what is called the business risk. For these reasons, people always start modestly to check what works and then quickly addon to gear up for the demand. The Bay Layout should be such that it lets you expand for the services you think shall have a higher demand.

Car Wash Layout - Future Expansion Scope

3. Water Reclaim System

Water reclaim systems are a smart way to run a Car Wash Business and even though it might not be a regulation right now, you bet it will be in the time to come. Also, have proper channelisation of water so that the water does not seep into the soil anywhere and the water goes to a collection tank where it is treated for Oil and Sludge removal before draining it.

Water reclaim systems like W100 save you approximately 80 - 90% of water consumed and helps in reducing your water bill while being Eco Friendly and conserving precious natural resources.

4. Line Up

Your Car Wash Layout should have enough space for the line-up. Often we find the car wash owners made the building in such a way where they made the plan in such a way that it did not leave enough space for the lineup. This results in people leaving the car wash queue or lining up on the public road which causes traffic hurdles and ultimately attracts the attention of the authorities.


5. Ancillary business

You can keep ancillary businesses in your master plan which can be executed when the time is right. Such businesses can be

  • Pet - Dog Wash
  • Laundry
  • Car Body Polishing and Detailing
  • Coffee Shop
  • Convenience Store

These businesses add additional revenue for your business and both the businesses assist each other. If you have a laundry, a person coming to do her laundry might get into the car wash while the laundry is in the dryer.


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