KKE manufacture variety of car wash machines as follows:

  • Speedoclean

  • X-series (X1.1 , X2)

  • Gamma series ( Gamma 9m, Gamma 12m, Gamma 18m, Gamma 30m)

Where Speedoclean is very basic machine and most economical available in market.The equipment has 3 brushes , 1 Horizontal and 2 Vertical Brushes. The Horizontal Brush follows the contour of the car and the pressure of the brush is adjustable. Vertical Brushes are with Pneumatic Pressure Sensing System washing the sides of the car.

X-Series is fully automatic, advanced control system which continuously calculating giving it an Artificial Intelligence to execute various functions and make its own decision based on the car shape and size. Brushes senses the car independently.

Gamma Series fully custom and can be easily upgraded. Types of Gamma series is depend on the length of conveyor. It also have maintenance free correlator and  UHMWPE Rollers. Gamma Series is one of best equipment that gives excellent cleaning of vehicle with shine.


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