A few questions which were received by us and might help you.

Q: What is the difference between Trolley systems and conveyor type? Is the Trolley system an in-bay system with no conveyors?

>> KKE: Trolley systems have a moving trolley that moves over the car and performs various operations like Prewash, Soap, Brush, Waxing and Blowing.

In a conveyor car wash or tunnel car wash, the car is placed on the conveyor and the car is pulled through the system. There are arches installed on the conveyor which get activated when the vehicle reaches in front of them.


Q: I am expecting a peak period of traffic of up to 60 cars per hour. I noticed from your online brochure that the number of intermediate units (between the driving and driven units) is what is responsible for the difference in length between the KKE Gamma 12m/18m/30m systems.

KKE >> Yes, the number of intermediate units increase the length of the conveyor. However, when the length of the conveyor increases, the number of cars also increase on the conveyor which requires more power to drive the conveyor and hence the driving motor/gearbox capacity increase with the length of the conveyor.

Q: As an initial thought I am wondering if it is possible for one to install the KKE Gamma 12m (with 2 intermediate units) and later install additional intermediate units to increase the length of the tunnel and hourly capacity when the need arises?

KKE>> Yes, this could a possible solution, however, imagine a situation where you are already having a steady source of income where you are washing about 100 -150 cars daily and when you wish to upgrade the system, you need to stop your business for changing the civil construction. This would mean almost no business for about 20 – 30 days till the new equipment is installed.


Q: Also I noticed you mentioned that KKE Gamma can be configured to make Brush type or touchless equipment, this is great news though I am yet to decide on which opt for but that will be dependent on a survey of potential clients in the area which we are carrying out, right now I have to say I prefer the touchless version with the snow foam option. Finally, kindly send me the pricing for your equipment.

KKE >> Touchless is a good option for places where the only dirt on the car is dust, for places like deserts. However, for tropical areas, brush wash is the best option. You can go with soft foam bristles if people are concerned about the brushes.


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