An automatic Car Wash Machine is a great way of reducing man power-related operations in the car washing process. The Automatic Car Wash machine nearly cleans the entire car with the help of brushes and only small areas to be cleaned manually. A Car Wash Business is incomplete without an Automatic Car Wash Machine especially, because, with Automation in the washing process, one reduces a lot of time which is taken which otherwise would be taken in Manual car washing.

For instance, Manual washing of the car would take about 25 - 45 minutes depending upon the Cleaning Person's speed. An Automatic Car Wash Machine would take just about 6-7 minutes per car. You can add about 10 minutes more for the finishing touches.

In fact, there have been sites where our customers are washing about 100 + cars a day and 150+ cars on weekends. This would not have been possible without an Automatic machine for car washing.

Based on the throughput, these machines come in different types.

Roll Over Systems can typically do about 6 - 10 cars per hour while Tunnel Systems can go as high as 120 cars per hour.

In 2019, the cars wash industry is shifting towards the economy and customer acquisition. The competition is ever-growing and each and everything one does in the car wash business has to be one of the above. And there has to be a balance.

At KKE, we understand the Industry and work towards developing effective machines for the Vehicle cleaning industry. Leave a comment below along with your city and country for more details.

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