KKE Wash Systems has a complete range of Automated Car Wash for Sale. Depending upon your car wash business , your requirements for Automated Car Wash Machine shall change. Some of the factors are :

  • Number of Cars Per day
  • Type of Washing options
  • Equipment / Location Configuration

KKE has the equipment to suit your car wash business requirements.

KKE has been in the Automatic Car Wash Equipment manufacturing since 1993. It has over twenty five years of expertise of the automotive wash business in conjunction with intensive analysis and development within the automotive Wash Business. Anything new within the Car Wash Industry, you bet, KKE shall be already having it in its business line.

The Automated Car Wash can be bifurcated on the basis of design :

Car Wash Machine Selection India


Another way of Selecting an Automated Car Wash Machine is by the features which are provided. Some of the features / functionalities are :

  • Snow Foaming System
  • Triple Foam Wax
  • Sealer Wax
  • Wheel Wash System
  • Blowers
  • LED Lights
  • Under Chassis Wash

At KKE Wash Systems, most of our Automated models can be upgraded with the above features. The basic Equipment does the washing and the other features can be added as Optional Addons.

If you are planning to start your Automated Car Wash Business, make sure you select one of the above Automated car wash machines for sale.

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