Automatic Car Wash Machine Price in is important as Car Wash Machine is one of the most important parts of the car wash project cost. In fact, the type of Car Wash Machine dictates the entire project cost. Let us find out how?

The following criteria change based on the type of Car Wash Machine :

  1. Size of Land
  2. Building size
  3. Number of Workers at the Car Wash Bay
  4. Payment Systems
  5. Parking Space
  6. Size of Ancillary Equipment
  7. Support Staff

Let us explain with an example of KKE Gamma, a Tunnel Car Wash Machine. For instance, if we select 18m conveyor in KKE Gamma Car Wash Machine, which can wash approximately 50 cars per hour. Firstly, since the length of equipment is more, you would require a plot which is longer than the plot you would select for an Inbay Automatic Car Wash Machine.  The building size would also increase based on the length of the equipment.

Incase of Full Service Car Wash in , you would require approximately 3 - 4 people to handle about 50 cars per hour, if not always, at least during the peak hours. Further, you would also need to have payment systems which can handle a Stack of Programs and the volume of transactions.

You need to have enough space for the lineup and the vacuuming bays for that number. People like to wipe their cars after car wash, so you need to have enough parking space. Your capacities of the ancillary equipment like Water Pumps, Compressors etc increase based on the Car Wash Equipment. And last but not the least you need to have support staff to handle the administration of a car wash business which is doing about 200 -300 cars per day.

So as you see, the type of Car Wash Machine determines the cost of the Automatic Car Wash Project. When you invest in the business, you should also consider the Car Wash Return on Investment. Use this Calculator to calculate the ROI of the Car Wash Business

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