At KKE, rather than having Quality Control, we have Quality Assurance System. Each every KKE team member is sufficiently trained to get the right quality product at the very first time. There are regular training programs helping people from one department know working of their own and other departments.


Additionally an online ERP system helps in coordinating and managing the complete organization from Design to Despatch.


To ensure the right quality, there are checks and re-checks at every stage of products at different stages which are :

1. Design Stage : At the design stage, each and every drawing is checked for its performance using CAD software and goes through a rigorous review process before it is finalized. Once it passes this stage a prototype is manufactured and tested for its performance.


2. Raw Material : The raw material is ordered from approved suppliers only which are selected after KKE inspection only. Additionally there is an incoming quality inspection which includes material test certificates, test reports, performance certificates, etc.

3. Production Stage : There is 100% inspection of each and every manufactured part for its usage. The usage of the material is logged in the ERP system so that every minutest part can be tracked down to it manufacturing date and for that matter even the supplier who supplied the material.


4. Assembly, Testing : The equipment is tested for its functionality once it is completely assembled.


5. Packing and Despatch : The equipment is packed in a semi-assembled form which reduces tested for its functionality once it is completely assembled.

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