Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Washing System
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle Banks and Nozzles
  • Water Reclamation for resuse of Wash Water
  • Water Cannon for removing Heavily Soiled Areas
  • Suitable for Haul Trucks and Excavators



Mining is a difficult job and so is for the Earth Moving equipment used in it. Vehicles collect huge lumps of mud which stick to the Vehicle Surfaces. Removing these kind of dirt is difficult. KKE specialises in washing mining vehicles since last 26 years. The expertise is a result of constant research and development for a continued period of time.
The Mining Truck / Earth Moving equipment Cleaning System consists of :

  • Wash Bay
  • Cannon System
  • Pump System
  • Water Recycling System

The mining Truck cleaning system is operable in two modes

  • Automatic
  • Manual

Automatic Mode

In Automatic Mode, the truck can simply drive through the wash bay. The system detects the truck and starts the water pumps. A hot Standby pump can be installed on request.  The water is sprayed through various nozzles which clean the truck from Top, Sides and Bottom.
The water is collected in the collection tanks and the water recycling system recycles the water which is collected for reuse.

Manual Mode

In manual mode, each system can be operated individually.  Special requirements like cleaning the excavator tracks and heavy mud sticking to the vehicles and equipment can be cleaned using the Cannon. The solid water jet cleans the dirt with ease.

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