Automatic Truck Wash Machine

KKE Wash Systems is undoubtedly a Leader Vehicle Cleaning Technology since last 25 years. Rugged, Reliable, High Performance, Easy to Maintain are works which are synonymous to KKE.

KKE Wash Systems has an expertise in Truck Wash Systems and provide customised Truck Wash Solutions to its customers. Be it Mining Trucks, Tankers, Port Trucks, Container Trucks, KKE has done it all.  Along with the Equipment, KKE has expertise in Chemical Systems which help develop systems with proper chemical dosing systems.

KKE has Truck Wash systems with following technologies:

  • Friction 
  • Touchless
  • Combination

Automatic Truck Wash for Road TrainThe Truck Wash systems are powered by high-performance Microcontroller Circuits which are very powerful and Rugged. The high performance sensors give continuous feedback to the equipment control system.  The micro controller makes calculations and decisions based on the inputs provided to it. 

All KKE Equipment using the Optra Mapping technology which maps the entire vehicle before it starts critical operations. The profile and length of the entire vehicle are saved in the control system and the processor makes decisions accordingly.

Types of Truck Wash Equipment

  1. Trolley Systems
  2. Drive Through Systems

1. Trolley Systems

Automatic Truck Wash MachineTrolley Truck Wash systems run on rails which mounted on the concrete platform. At times, the rails are mounted above the water collections tanks. The trolleys have all the nozzles and mechanisms which wash the vehicle. The Trolley systems are suitable when the number of trucks are less. Trolley type Truck Wash Equipment can wash about 5 - 7 trucks based on the length of the truck and the wash cycles selected by the user.

KKE has the following Trolley Truck Wash Equipment :

Automatic Truck Wash for Road TrainAll the above Trolley Systems have a  basic washable length of 12.5m. The length of the system can be increased to about 30 m / 100 ft based on the type of the fleet you are washing. Road Trains with B/C/D configurations can be easily accomodated.

The systems detect the number of trailers and adjusts itself accordingly without any manual intervention.


2. Drive Through Systems

Automatic Drive Thru Truck Wash MachineTruck Wash systems where the truck drive through the wash bay are Drive Through Truck Wash Systems. That was pretty obvious, but, in such systems, instead of the trolley, Arches are placed on the entire length of the bay. The arches get activated one by one as the truck approaches the arch.
Such systems are suitable for higher number of the vehicles. Depending on the type of arches selected from KKE 501 Arches, a normal truck wash should take approximately 2 - 3 minutes.
The systems can be configured as Touchless, Friction or combination, based on the requirement.

Internet Connectivity and Support

Automatic Truck Wash Machine

KKE Truck Wash Machines are Internet enabled, what that means is that no matter where you are, our experts are directly connected with the Machine. Our Service Team can have a look at the machine status and suggest actions without even coming to your location. Isn't it a Huge Time and Money Saving?

The Control System is so designed that upon authentication, you too can see the machine parameters and make alterations in the machine settings. You can also set reports at the end of the day with number of vehicles washed every day. All this can be done on your computer or your mobile phone.


Equipment Selection

Should you have difficulty in selecting the right equipment for your needs, you can :

  • Download our Free E-book - "Selecting the Right Truck Wash Equipment"
  • Use our Truck Wash Selection Tool (You need to  login in your account)
  • Or you can contact us directly.


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