Low Pressure Multi-Bay Systems

KKE is an expert in Multi Bay systems maintaining strict quality of the control systems used in Multi Bay Systems. The Wash systems consist a single or multiple high pressure pumps which are arrange in parallel. For systems which are in Low – Medium pressure range Expansion tanks can be used to reduce the number of pump Start – Stops.

Pump Stands

KKE High Pressure Pump Systems are very space saving while allowing ease of maintenance. The following systems use pumps for the undoubted leaders CAT Pumps and Interpump.

Centralised Vacuum Systems

Centralised Vacuum is most efficient way to clean the Cars at Car Shop. It comprises of long hoses, network of PVC pipe and a centralised power unit  mostly in a separate service room or garage where all dust is piped. Centralised vacuum can be installed into a Car Washing Center, Car Repairing, Car Detailing Centers, large buildings, etc.

Expansion Tanks

KKE Expansion Tanks are good way to increase your pump life. The expansion tanks store water in it at the system pressure to give your pumps a break. When there is a water demand, the water from the Expansion tank is delivered before the pressure drops and your pump kicks in.

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